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UBA 2021 Spring Registration CLOSES


2021 Spring Season Registration

2021 UBA Season registration will run from January 15, 2021 - February 28, 2021.  Late fee ($10 per player) applies to registrations that come between March 1-14.  No registrations will be available after March 14.

EARLY BIRD WINDOW: January 15-31: Each entry will be eligible* for 1 of 11 Dick's Sporting Good Gift Cards!!!

  • 1 gift card of $100
  • 5 gift cards of $50
  • 5 gift cards of $10

*(1 entry per player; 1 winner per household max; board members not eligible)

RATES will remain the same as 2020!  Registrations are based on player's "baseball age."

  • 4**-8 year olds $140
  • 9-10 year olds $170
  • 11-12 year olds $190
  • 13-18 year olds $260

Baseball Age is player's age as of May 1.  So, if the player turns 7 on May 2, they are a "Baseball 6" for the season.

**-4 Year-olds are allowed in the UBA, however we require a parent or guardian MUST be on the field with them at all times.  This can be as a coach or a helper.

There is a family maximum cap of $400 before/on 2/28/2021, $450 on/after 3/1/2021

* Due to COVID-19 Regulations,  EVERY Player must provide their own bat, helmet, glove, and labeled water bottle.  There is NO SHARING equipment.

For more information, visit our info page at:

Curious about your player's schedule?

Please click the link below for more detailed info.

Ask about being our next "Sponsor of the Month"

Sponsors of the month are featured on the front page of our site for the whole month! 

2021 Winter Clinic

*** SOLD OUT ***

If you registered and have questions about the program, use the button below to email Coach Lance and Coach Kyle, who are running the program.

Session Dates

Day 1: 2/14 @ 5:30-7PM
Day 2: 2/21 @ 5:30-7PM
Day 3: 2/28 @ 5:30-7PM
Day 4: 3/7 @ 5:30-7PM
Day 5: 3/14 @ 5:30-7PM
Day 6: 3/21 @ 5:30-7PM
All held at The Hab in Uxbridge

* Due to COVID-19 Regulations,  EVERY Player must provide their own bat, helmet, glove, and labeled water bottle.  There is NO SHARING equipment.

For more information, visit our info page at:

Email WinterClinic

Uxbridge Baseball Association

The Uxbridge Baseball Association (UBA) was formed in 1952 (as Uxbridge Little League).  The UBA officially joined Babe Ruth Baseball/Cal Ripken Baseball in 2006.  Our program strives to provide the best possible baseball experience for our town youth.  We make every effort to maintain our fields and complex to the highest standards. 

We offer Spring, Summer, and Fall teams each season for our 12 and under children.  We also place 13-18 year-olds in the Blackstone Valley Senior Babe Ruth League (BVSBL) in the Spring Seasons.  The link for that league is on the top banner of this page.

UBA Covid-19 Guidelines to Promote Safe Play

In accordance with the State of Massachusetts Phase 3, Part 1 Reopening Plan

Amended July 24, 2020

UBA baseball is considered a “Moderate Risk Level” under MA Reopening Plan.

First and foremost, in order to participate or attend UBA events: All participants, volunteers, coaches and spectators must show no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days. If any individual develops symptoms of COVID-19 during the season, they should promptly inform their coach or a member of the UBA Board and cease attending games/practices for the safety of all other participants.

<Please read PDF attachment below for complete set of guidelines...>

CORI/Background Checks - Are you interested in coaching or helping?

Any on field help, including coaches, managers, field crew, and umpires need to pass a CORI background check.  The information is  provided at the link below.  This is mandated by Babe Ruth Baseball, which the UBA is Chartered by.

CORI/Background checks and Preventative Training

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RipkenBaseball Ripken Baseball RipkenBaseball

Contact Us

Uxbridge Baseball Association


Uxbridge Baseball Association

PO Box 161

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